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Let’s be honest this time last year we really didn’t think we would still be in this same situation a year later. But here we are we are still in lockdown, still stuck at home and still feeling the stresses of this getting to us.

As a hairdresser I’m missing salon life so much, I’m missing all the girls I work with and missing all my clients dearly. We see each other so often and are always up to date in what is happening in our clients lives. Im also missing doing hair and the creative aspect of our job, it’s also tough knowing how bad people need their hair done and feeling pretty helpless as there is nothing I can physically do.

All I can give at the moment is some hair tips and at home advice. As the lockdown drags on our hair care routine doesn’t have to be a drag, I believe it can be a nice start to a self care routine.

If your hair is feeling very or damaged at the moment try swapping out your conditioner with a mask and use it each wash until your hair feels better.

For an extra treat even once a week, step out of the shower after you have shampooed you hair towel dry your hair and apply your favourite hair mask. Comb it through clip it up. Give yourself 15 minutes of ME time, light a candle, read a chapter of a book you are  into or pop on a face mask or do your skin routine or even use the time to do a mini meditation breathing session.

I have found I’ve been doing this little routine on a Saturday morning. First it was just taking the time to use the hair mask properly as I would always be in a rush before and il did a face mask and some meditation at the same time. I’ve been doing it on a Saturday morning because it felt like a time I never had to my self before, it would be the busiest day in the salon and I would always be running out the door early, so this little pamper session on a Saturday morning feels like a gift everytime. 

Everyones time will be different and with home schooling or children you might find your little gift of time on a Wednesday night when everyone is in bed.

Go Grab yourself that little bit of time that feels special and sacred to you. Treat yourself, your hair and your mind.

Kate x 

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